Weather sKwirl Abducted by MegaGlam — Weather (as we know it) Ceases

Two years ago today, The Weather sKwirl is born. Each day since, he has predicted the weather and shared his pink thoughts on a variety of topics. He has appeared in street art in New York City, Brooklyn, Bridgeport, SoNo, Providence, Portland, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, Block Island, Atlanta and beyond. He has been featured in New York galleries and art fairs, and has been a winner in two public art competitions — imaged in large public vinyl murals. He has his own website, blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts — and an expansive product line of prints, clothing, jewelry, accessories and home goods. The Weather sKwirl has been a darling of the press and received accolades from media outlets in technology, advertising, fashion, art and style.

We will miss the little guy on this daily blog — but he’s been abducted by MegaGlam and will joining a large, growing cast of characters, art, products, fashion, events and more. So keep your eyes peeled for the pink sKwirl who’s nuts about the weather.

The Weather sKwirl™ ©kHyal™ 2012. All rights reserved.


5 responses to “Weather sKwirl Abducted by MegaGlam — Weather (as we know it) Ceases

  1. Cheers to reinvention and becoming part of a larger whole! ❤

  2. You had a terrific run, WS™! Here’s to a rollicking next adventure, good buddy.

  3. Thanks, Y’all! Can’t wait for the new adventure to begin …

  4. Happy Birthday, Weather sKirl! We’ll miss you!

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