Good Morning from the Weather sKwirl™ | Today = Celebratorious!

Last night was the unveiling of The Adventures of the Weather sKwirl: Part 1. The Weather sKwirl™ enjoyed meeting the folks from MainStateVentures who sponsored the public art competition that made this project possible — seeing all his friends, family and neighbors that gathered for the event — and meeting lots of new people.

The Weather sKwirl™ wishes to thank Karl Heine for his masterful glittering techniques that brought sparkle to an industrial level, and for his fearless climb on the 32′ ladder to install the banner; Margaret Bodell for her incredible vision and support in shaping this project with the highest level of artistic integrity; and MainStateVentures who sponsored the project, hosted the reception and gave Bridgeport some color.

Keep in eye out in your neighborhood for the Weather sKwirl™!

The Weather sKwirl™ ©kHyal™ 2010.
All rights reserved.


11 responses to “Good Morning from the Weather sKwirl™ | Today = Celebratorious!

  1. Love it! Sorry we couldn’t get there.

  2. I want to go drinking w/the sKwirl!

  3. Bob, I hope you like pink sKwirls!

  4. The Skwirl is amazing as are the two of you. Now when is the TV show coming out?

  5. Ann: Thank you so much! I am working on the animation in the background. Also the children’s print and eBook. Karl and I are headed off to in Berlin in April, the character design conference, to get the Weather sKwirl™ into the international cast of characters.

  6. Every day you save up some of the beauty of this world, Weather sKwirl™, digging in it, digging it up, and holding it out there for us to see. Bridgeport is so lucky. Please come to Hartford some day.

  7. Donna: Thank you! I cherish the way you string together words.

  8. kHyal,

    No matter what the weather, it is always a sunny day in Bridgeport thanks to you and the Weather sKwirl. I am sure you and sKwirl will be lighting up plazas and hearts the world over.

  9. Thank you for bringing your bright and cheerful art to Bridgeport! We are so happy to have the Weather sKwirl™ as one of our neighbors!

  10. The Weather sKwirl™ installation ought to become permanent in Bridgeport. And another WS installation could find a permanent home in downtown Hartford, I am certain, just like Carl Andre’s “Stone Field Sculpture” did. Eventually the WS could be a continuous video feed on a drive-in theatre-, mural-size flat lcd, sort of like the stock ticker on Wall Street (but better, of course coming from you).

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